A lovely little Lavender Farm in the heart of the Ottawa Valley.

Think that’s impossible??  Not with these 2 varieties anyway.  Hidcote – dark purple in colour and intense fragrance.  Sweeter tasting too.  And Munstead – lighter purple, larger florets and lovely delicate scent.  Mixed together in all sachets, jellies and shortbreads. Hand-harvested lavender, hand-sewn sachets and hand-made jellies…just getting back to the old ways.  Slow and easy.  Loving it!!

Roots & Bio


In 2008, I planted my first lavender seedlings in the middle of a rainstorm. They took off and 5 years later, my lavender is flourishing and every spring those blossoms transport me to another place in time. While designing sachets, eye covers and candied lavender flowers, more creative juices are flowing now more than ever. With fairy houses and painted furniture, the sky is the limit now!

Welcome to my dream come true. An online shop to showcase and sell my attempts at fun and loving life.

Visit my shop at Etsy.com/ca/shop/ALittleLavenderFarm

Visit my shop at Etsy.com/ca/shop/ALittleLavenderFarm